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Katalogové číslo: D-6018-100-OG
Značení: Zelená Oranžová
Velikost balení: 100 µl
The XL BCL2 BA probe is designed as a break apart probe. Its orange labeled part hybridizes proximal to the BCL2 gene at 18q21, the green labeled probe hybridizes to the distal region of BCL2.

This probe is intended for methanol/acetic-acid fixed cells and tissue sections.

The BCL2 gene rearrangement can be found in 50 % of follicular lymphoma, 23.3 % of B-cell lymphoma, and about 15 % of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. A consequence of this translocation is an overexpression of anti-apoptotic protein BCL2, which most likely represents the initial step of malignant transformation.

The majority of rearrangements in BCL2 occur at two distinct chromosomal regions, the major breakpoint cluster region (MBR) in 70 % and the minor cluster region in 10 % of patient\'s tumors. FISH has been shown to be of higher sensitivity and of equivalent specificity when compared to PCR on paraffin-embedded tissue sections.

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